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Can’t get the four laws of thermodynamics straight? Struggling to figure out how chemical equilibrium is achieved? Not sure how a forward reaction and a reverse reaction occur at the same rate? Tutor.com’s AP Chemistry tutors can help.

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Our tutors are online 24/7. That means you can always get help around your schedule—even when you realize at midnight you don’t know the difference between an intermolecular force and an intramolecular force. With so much information being thrown at you in class, it’s easy to get lost. Better understand kinetics and the ratio of masses with the help of an expert tutor. 

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You and your tutor will work one-to-one in our online classroom. You can use our chat feature to discuss specific questions about physical and chemical processes, and use the interactive whiteboard to calculate reaction rates, determine catalyst functions and more. With our file sharing tool, you can easily share assignments and work through them with your tutor. Don’t fall behind in class if you’re confused about bonding and intermolecular forces. Connect to a tutor on your schedule and get your homework done right. 

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Getting help with advanced classes is easy with Tutor.com. Whether you’re stuck on the structure of matter or changes in matter, take control of your grades right now by finding an AP Chemistry tutor.

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