Human Body Systems

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An excellent interactive, multiple choice study tool designed for students who want to learn anatomy. You see a part of the human body labeled with numbers, choose the correct answer from a list and your answers are checked immediately.

Follow along with diagrams and explanations over an interacitve virtual dissection of a fetal pig (comparable to human body systems). Includes self quizzes over each organ system.

Circulatory System

In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy explains embryonic stem cells.

Contains information on the respiratory system and includes links to other body systems, such as the circulatory and excretory systems.

A short topical summary and annotated slides on STDs and Teens from the series, "Hot Topics," which covers areas of biology that are receiving national attention.

Great, easy-to-understand description of the digestive system. Designed for younger kids, but also has good information for older students.

An online dictionary and thesaurus of the English language. It also includes a medical dictionary and a Spanish-English dictionary.

Biology Midterm Exam

This website tells how chemistry and biochemistry are increasing our understanding of human health. Learn how biochemical relays keep our organ systems operating, how food is broken down and used to build tissues and organs, and how tiny biological probes and instruments can track single molecules. Topics in the 60-page booklet include folic acid, sugars and fats, DNA, making medicines, harnessing biology's magic, and more.

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